Spiritual Pilgrim

Your path to spiritual Maturity During your life; certain events can be considered milestones in your spiritual growth. Your first is your decision to come to planet earth and be born. This starts your Journey of Spiritual Discovery and Personal Unfoldment. The Orientation Lecture and the Six Steps of involvement is the second marker on this map. Whatever one’s involvement. We involve ourselves in program to quench our thirst and by doing this we release the binders of the traditions that have held us back. Relations from the past are healed and released. You start to understand the Big Picture. The earth, this lifetime, starts to shrink. Basic questions arise: What are my facts? What is in it for me? Is this me or not me? Is this my opportunity? What’s my direction? My keyword? Our spiritual business starts to become real; as our answers become clear and organized and our buffer becomes stronger. When a spiritual traveler gets to this point – he has released most of his religious concepts. He no longer prays to a god outside himself, but gets his facts from his feelings, rechecks with his guidance; organizes his checklists, then moves into action; stopping long enough to regroup. Then on and on to his own destination; relentlessly, persistently, consistently in action to achieve his own goals. With this level of involvement you can smell the flowers, hear the birds, enjoy the laughter and enjoy all of life’s pleasures without guilt or hesitation; because you have learned how to do exactly what you want to do when you want to do it and because it is what you want and you know why you want to do it. You have found your true family here on this planet. Your family that lets you stand on your own 2 feet, who will not weaken you with over-concern or abuse you with under-concern. But love you with true concern. Your new family stays your family whenever and wherever you are. There are no limitations. Spiritual Pilgrim is a family. It’s a business. It’s a Big Picture. It’s loyalty to self. It is not nirvana. It is not Big Shot or Big Deal. It is not empty promises. It is the real deal. It is one of the best deals on the planet.